What if the solution to America’s opioid crisis is right under our noses, but fear and misinformation are keeping it out of reach? In today’s episode, Duane speaks with Dr. Arun Gupta, a primary care physician and addiction doctor, and they tackle the question head on. 

Dr. Gupta brings his wealth of on-the-ground experience to light the reality of addiction and the urgent need for change. From the criminalization of addiction treatment to the heart-rending impact on individuals and communities, the conversation is a crash course in the complexities of the opioid crisis. 

The exploration doesn’t stop there, as Duane and Dr. Gupta delve into the subject of Suboxone as he sheds light on the vital role it plays in managing withdrawal symptoms and why it’s so misunderstood. They also emphasize the importance of attracting more doctors to the field of addiction medicine. 

They also sift through the intricacies of harm reduction policies with Dr. Gupta, discussing their potential drawbacks and the importance of shifting from merely reducing harm to effective treatment. The underlying theme is clear – addiction treatment demands our attention, understanding, and urgent action.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Exploring America’s opioid crisis
  • Addiction treatment challenges in America
  • Federal concerns on Suboxone treatment
  • Government lawsuit, Suboxone’s benefits
  • Drug impact on dopamine levels
  • Harm reduction approach to addiction treatment

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