Did you know that addiction has been recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act for well over 20 years now? This means that people with addictions have substantial legal rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is such an important topic to talk and think about, as we learn how best to help everyone struggling with addiction as well as the pain and suffering that come along with addiction so we can help alleviate those.

On today’s episode, Duane sits down with John T Maier to discuss the concept of viewing addiction as a disability instead of a disease. Their conversation delves into the implications this has on how we handle addiction in society and when dealing with addiction personally. John T Maier holds an MSW in clinical social work from Simmons University and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton. He is a staff clinician at the Seeder Clinic and teaches regularly at Lesley University, with a book on the disability view of addiction currently in the works.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How addiction is being viewed by society over the years
  • The difference between disease and disability
  • Policy on addiction and disability
  • Disclosure of addiction and privacy
  • The disability model as identity-driven vs. behavior-driven

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