The journey from trauma to peace and acceptance involves an intermediate space of transition. During trauma, the body is in a hyper-vigilant state, leading to pain, hurt, and suffering. Moving away from trauma requires a shift towards something different – a space of healing and inner peace.

In today’s episode, Duane interviews Robert Common, who shares his personal story and discusses the work he does with clients who are dealing with addiction and mental health issues. Robert also advocates for protecting women and children from violence, and we’ll be delving into that topic as well. He talks about how his Buddhism and experiences with trauma intersected and helped him overcome addiction, and how all these factors played a role in his journey to recovery.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The intersection of trauma, addiction, and Buddhism
  • The space of transition from trauma to peacefulness
  • Buddhism and the noble truths
  • How trauma pulls away from compassion
  • How trauma can be a force for good
  • The gift of pain and the power of mindfulness

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