There are thousands of women who are drinking and suffering in silence. And when we’re dealing with our internal struggles, we feel alone. There’s pain and misery attached to that. How are we then able to provide a safe space for women to follow down a path to recovery and give them the kind of support they need? 

On this episode, Duane speaks with Casey Davidson about the topic of gray area drinking, what that means, what that looks like, and the benefits of being sober, curious, and maybe just taking a longer break from alcohol to see if that betters your life. Casey also shares her own personal story of doing that, how she realized alcohol was not what she needed, and how she was able to stop just trying to moderate her drinking and remove alcohol from her life.

An ex-red wine girl turned life and sobriety coach, Casey helps women create lives they love without alcohol. She hosts The Hello Someday Podcast, created for gray area drinkers and sober curious women. Casey is passionate about helping women – who are doing all the things and then coming home and drinking to forget all the things – change their relationship with alcohol. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Casey’s journey through alcoholism and recovery
  • The benefits of removing alcohol from your life
  • What gray area drinking means
  • Dealing with the stigma around going to AA
  • What the sober curious movement is about

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