Stress and peer pressure are big issues with teens which could result in feelings of anxiety and depression, or worse, substance or alcohol abuse. School is complicated with all the peer pressure involved. And so, as parents, we need to give them the support they need as they walk their way through life. 

Oftentimes, parents are very focused on getting their kids better, but they’re not doing anything to support themselves. 

What if there was a program that provides holistic support to both parents and teens? Well, the good news is there is – and it doesn’t cost anything to get the resources that you and your kids need. 

Gobi for Parents and Teens – Navigating Difficult Conversations

Gobi is a comprehensive educational platform that provides the first online drug and alcohol prevention and early intervention programs for parents and their teenagers that you do together. 

Gobi is dedicated to helping middle and high school teens and their families rethink their relationship with drugs and alcohol. Their program is based on the best principles of intervention such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

How the 21-Day Program Works

The 21-day program provides content for both the teen and the parents. It’s all online and it’s free. Each day, the teen gets texted an assignment, either through a text message or through the Gobi app. 

The assignments are short answer, long answer multiple choice or activities. They also get a reminder meme sometime later to remind them to do the assignment. They monitor the whole thing with a licensed counselor because teens need to know that somebody’s paying attention. The program tends to poke the parents more often than the teens to do their assignments.

Almost 1,400 families have done the program. Of the 65% of the kids who complete the program, 70% say they’re willing to consider reducing or eliminating their substance use. Gobi is also a platform for parents to navigate difficult conversations about substance misuse. 

Who Will Benefit From Gobi

For the Kids

Gobi is aimed at kids who have begun to experiment with some substance, drinking, and mostly marijuana these days. It involves the parents and the children, and they’re all working together on this through this 21-day program. 

For the Parents

Oftentimes, parents are very focused on getting their kids better, but they’re not doing anything to support themselves. While Gobi helps teens get the skills needed to handle stress, peer pressure, and substance abuse, it also helps parents support their teenagers who might be struggling with it or are experimenting with it. 

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