On today’s episode, Duane speaks with Etel Leit, who talks about her own story of living with addiction – not her, but in her relationship – and how addiction doesn’t just impact the person struggling with addiction, but also everyone around that person. 


Addiction is not a one-person thing, but it’s something that flows all over. It impacts the family, friends, bosses, and the people around them. Most often, too, addiction is looked at as a family disease. 


There’s this idea of trying to change the addicted person and becoming obsessed with it, that they eventually lose their identity along the way and it brings about feelings of shame and embarrassment. 


Therefore, part of the healing is not only looking into what goes into an addicted person’s mind, but also acknowledging what’s also going on in the mind of the person living next to the addict so then both parties can go through the healing journey together.


If you’re somebody living with a person struggling with addiction, tune in to learn some tools you can use to heal yourself in the process. Etel also shares her healing journey, going through it and coming out the other side of that, and now working to help others going through the same. 


Etel’s book, “UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness” is a great read that offers some tools a person living next to an addicted person can use so they can find their spark within them once again.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • How relationship problems go all the way back since we were babies
  • What goes on in the mind of a person living with an addicted person
  • Putting a stop to people-pleasing
  • Creating boundaries as a form of self-love
  • Putting down the magnifying the glass and picking up the mirror
  • The 3 C’s of a person living with an addicted person
  • The first step is acknowledgement

Supporting Resources:

www.etelleit.com (Promo code: THEADDICTMIND)

UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness


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