On today’s episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, Duane speaks with mother and son, Laura and Tom Boldt, authors of Unraveled, A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption. They talk about their story of recovery and how they worked together to get recovery. They each share how their recovery impacts each other, and how they were able to do it. It is a great story of hope, compassion, and gratitude for the life they’ve created in recovery together – as a family. 

A Mother and Son’s Story

Coming from a family of many alcoholics, Laura was certain she wasn’t going to end up like her alcoholic mom. But fast-forward to having four children, Laura fell into full-blown alcoholism when her youngest child was two years old. It was on Halloween night 2008 that everything changed for her when she got into a serious car accident. She could even barely remember what happened to her the next morning. At that point, she knew she needed help.

At that time when Laura stopped drinking, her son, Tom, had already experienced bullying and switched schools a few times. He simply wanted a place to belong, which he had found in drinking and drugs. While alcoholism kind of reflected how Laura was living free and having fun, it was completely opposite for Tom. It was more violent. There was more blood and there were more hospital visits. His alcoholism worsened that it not only led to broken bones, but also, broken relationships. Then one Halloween night in 2012, he got in a couple of bar fights and ended up running down the freeway. The next morning, he just decided he was done.

Addiction is a family disease because everybody around you suffers from it. The family essentially has a very important role to play during this healing process and there needs to be understanding and compassion. Part of Laura and Tom’s healing process was writing the book, which was not only cathartic to both of them, but an opportunity for them to send this message of hope.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Laura’s story of alcoholism and the turning point that made her decided to stop
  • Tom’s story of alcoholism and drug abuse, and his decision to stop
  • The effects of drinking on Laura and Tom
  • Their journey through recovery together
  • The role of the family in addiction recovery
  • The difficulties and challenges in recovery together
  • What they discovered about each other
  • Writing the book as a cathartic process for them and as a way to send their message of hope

Key Quotes:

[02:36] – “When you try to control your drinking, you only realize that it’s controlling you.”

[03:39] – “People around you are far more aware of your alcoholism before you are.”

[07:18] – “I could have killed somebody else. My kids could be without a mother because of drinking.”

[13:07] – “I was completely unaware of the effects of alcohol… I just thought it was normal.”

[19:56] – “I started learning so much about the disease and Laura was so amazing and would fill me in on her journey and her experience.”

[22:42] – “Not all families have the opportunity to heal for whatever reason. But it does make it easier for the alcoholic and the addict to have a family that plays into that healing.”

[23:23] – “Resentments can cause relapse… it’s a daily practice for us to stay healthy.”

[32:48] – “My life is filled with so much joy, so much fun, and, and true laughter that’s not ignited by alcohol, and it really is a more peaceful way to live.”

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Supporting Resources:

Unraveled, A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption